Welcome to Enchanting Reads!

My name is Nuzhat. I am an accountant in India and I crunch numbers in the day and seek solace in words by the night. I am what you would call an avid reader. What I love to read you ask? Well almost anything. But mostly, I love reading fantasy, young adult fiction, mysteries, memoirs and romance. I have been reading since years and love talking about books, hence this blog. I can rave about books for hours at a time and I eagerly await the time when I can finish reading a book and post a review about it.

I haven’t read any literary classics (unless you count Harry Potter as classic ;)) and have been wanting to start reading them since past couple of months, to see what the hype is all about. As Mark Twain said, “Classic is a book that people praise, but don’t read.” So I hope you will join me in ‘Catching Up With Classics’ twice a month, here at Enchanting reads.

I hope you will enjoy reading with me. I absolutely cannot wait to start talking books with you all. Till then, happy reading!!

Do drop me a message anytime you want to talk about books.