Book Review: The Invitation by Vi Keeland

If you had a chance to have an author write your story, whom would you choose? For me its a no brainer, it will always be Vi Keeland. Vi Keeland weaves a story that is the perfect blend of angsty and sweet moments, of love and loss, of heartbreak and healing and this book, it is no exception.

I have always believed that love is more of a chance than a choice. Its like forces of the universe conspiring for the union of two souls. This novel reinstated my belief in this. Stella and Hudson are two beautiful people from different walks of life, who are brought together by fate itself.

You know, I think we should probably give in. We don’t stand a chance if the whole world is conspiring.

Stella and Hudson’s meeting is one of my favorite meet cutes in the history of meet cutes. Hudson ousting Stella imposing as a guest at his sister’s wedding and Stella’s impromptu speech at the wedding sealed the five stars that I am about to give to this book.

You say you crashed my sister’s wedding. But the truth of the matter is that you crashed my heart.

Stella is a strong female lead. With a failed engagement and a stumbling startup under her belt, she has all the reasons to be jaded and angry at the world and give in to her insecurities. But she doesn’t. No, she is ambitious, still a hopeless romantic and someone who gives away Hershey’s kisses to people who are feeling down. Her kindness and resilience wowed me.

Hudson. Man what can I say about him. He is just so perfect. He is masculine, successful, caring and kind and a tad bid arrogant. But most importantly, what I loved about Hudson is the fact that his masculinity didn’t take away his funny side. Some of his jokes were downright corny but they still made me laugh. While I loved Stella, it was Hudson who stole my heart.

I am no prince charming sweetheart, but I do like you very much.

Hudson and Stella are kind of perfect for each other, brought together by her ex-roommates’ stealing ways. They were so sweet and swoon worthy together that reading about them made me want a romance like that. I don’t want to give out any spoilers and ruin your fun, so I am not delving deep into the story but just doing a character analysis. I want you to experience their love story first hand.

This book was simply perfect for me. While I could see the story shaping out from a mile away, I wanted to keep reading further because though the end is known, its the journey that we all stay in for. And damn, the journey was so worth it. And that epilogue. I love a story with a good epilogue and this had all that you could ever want from an epilogue. So if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you buy this baby and read it immediately. You’re welcome. 😉

Below is my rating for this book. (Out of 5)

Hero: 5++++ stars

Heroine: 5 stars

Supporting characters: 4 stars

Story: 5 stars (I wanted to give 4 but I just loved the meet cute)

Overall: 5 stars

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