Book Review: Southern Storms by Brittainy Cherry

"Sometimes in life, we need to be pushed to be reminded that we can still move." And this book, it doesn't just push you, it moves you. If you are familiar with Brittainy Cherry's writing you would understand what I am talking about. 

After a personal trauma that ended her marriage, Kennedy needs quiet and solitude to heal. So she moves from the city to seek refuge in the country. This is when she meets Jax, the troubled and grumpy town recluse. She soon realizes that he is someone she knew when they were young and went to summer camp together. But it has been a lot of years since they saw each other and are they are both completely different people now. Gone is the beautiful and sensitive Jax and light and bubbly Kennedy. Kennedy realizes that Jax is as broken as she, if not more.

"If you need to run away, run away to me."

Between alternating chapters that take place in present and past, we learn that Jax was a sensitive child and though Kennedy was able to bring that side of him back, I absolutely loathed how his father tried to harden him. Their love story was heartbreaking at times, but it will definitely leave you smiling towards the end.

She was the sun. She was my sun. I fell in love with the sun, and she kept my cold heart warm.
"I love you Kennedy. I love you in a way that's bigger than love. I love your sun rays and your moon shadows, and I am going to keep loving you and your broken pieces until you feel my love so strongly you forget that your heart has any damaged cracks."

While the main characters in the book are top notch, the side characters at times stole the show and brought about some light hearted and much needed humor. I absolutely loved the banter between Connor and Jax. I didn’t realize that plumbing was such an interesting choice of career until I came across some scenes in the book which made me laugh out loud.

I often don’t like second chance romances as they are narrated in alternating chapters of present and past, but this style of writing is exactly what made me love this book. With some chapters in past, we get snippets of how the characters were as children and it kept me wondering what might have happened to harden them so much. Narrated in a dual POV, this books is a perfect combination of loss, grief, healing and humor, and though it not exactly light and fluffy, it is a must read.

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